Parking at The Mall West Car Park


For guests not utilizing The Decorium parking facility, parking is available at The Mall West Car Park on Level 5, accessed via Caxton Road, N22 6TB. Parking is available until midnight on the event day. Pedestrian access for car collection is located on the High Road, N22 6YQ, opposite Argos.


Guests parking at The Mall West Car Park are required to enter their license plate details on the tablet provided in the Foyer at The Decorium.


We advise all guests to ensure they collect their cars before the deadline to avoid extra charges. Please plan your visit carefully, allowing ample time to return to the car park and collect your vehicle.


The Decorium offers 100 parking spaces until midnight on the date of the function. Once these spaces are occupied, parking will be subject to the tariff specified by the car park. Please ensure payment is made 30 minutes before retrieving your car.

IMPORTANT NOTE Kindly be aware that The Mall West Car Park is independently managed and not under the management of The Decorium. Failure to adhere to instructions may lead to fines issued by the mall
Parking at The Decorium


For your convenience, we provide 15 parking permits for guests, which will be sent via recorded delivery to the address provided during booking. If there are two individuals listed on the contract, the permits will be sent to the first name and address on the contract. It is the host’s responsibility to distribute these permits to their respective guests before the event.

Access to our parking facility at The Decorium is granted exclusively to vehicles displaying these valid permits. Guests without permits are not permitted entry.


In addition to guest parking, we allocate 5 parking spaces for event suppliers. Hosts must identify and approve authorized suppliers requiring parking access. The Decorium grants access to these designated spaces for authorized suppliers. If, however, authorized suppliers fail to vacate their designated parking spaces, resulting in more than 5 supplier vehicles, the number of available guest parking permits may be reduced accordingly to accommodate the excess supplier vehicles.

Important Note: Guests are prohibited from parking on double yellow lines outside The Decorium due to proximity to a police station. Offenders risk vehicle towing. Please encourage all guests to utilize the provided parking facilities for a hassle-free experience.
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