Venue Specifications
How high is the stage from the floor of the Emperor Suite to the stage floor?

The stage height in the emperor suite is 90cm from the floor.

What is the maximum capacity of The Decorium?
What are the measurements of the stage?
What are the measurements for the pillars outside in the main entrance?
Decorative Elements
Can we use fireworks at the decorium?

No. Safety regulations prohibit the use of fireworks on or around our premises.

Can we include sparklers and smoke machines in our event?
Are confetti bombs permitted at the decorium?
What are the measurements for the tables?
Are smoke bombs allowed during events?
Kitchen & Bar
How many litres of oil does the fryer take?

The fryer capacity is 23L.

What are the sizes of the freezers?
Can we store some food items in the fridge the day before if we are paying for the kitchen?
What is the size of the walk-in fridge in the car park?
What is the kitchen freezer temperature?
What are the sizes of the fridges in the prep area?
What are the sizes of the fridges at the bar?
How many days before our event can we store our drinks?
Does your kitchen have freezers?
Staffing & Services
Do you provide waiting staff?

No, the venue does not employ staff for events. Coordination with caterers or decorators is recommended.

Do you offer catering and decorating?
Logistics & Access
Are there trolleys for drinks in the venue?

No. We do not provide trolleys for drinks.

What are the measurements of the tables?
What is the speed of the WiFi?
Is there a cake table?
What is the electricity supply?

Question not answered, feel free to contact us directly.